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About FGX Indonesia

FGX INDONESIA is a garment manufacturing company which located in central Java with main office in Jakarta Indonesia with support by strong skilled workforce and expert management team. Our main export destination are Japan, Australia and US.

About FGX

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Our Garment Facility

FGX Indonesia garment manufacturing located in Klaten which located between Yogyakarta and Solo
City in Indonesia. We have very complete and high quality facilities and equipment with employees who
have specialist skills in their field sections which make us can produce the best quality results.

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Office &

24 tours available

Iron & Sewing

15 tours available

& Pattern

18 tours available

Packing &

32 tours available

Cutting &

32 tours available

Capacity, Facilities & Compliance

There's a table contain about monthly capacity, facilites, and compliance certificated that FGX Indonesia
has been obtained. The quality and facilities always increase every year make FGX Indonesia to be
better in garment manufacture.

Our Products Catalog

There's catalogue from the products category that we produce. We always pay attention to every detail
of the products we make. You can see more about our product by contact us.

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Simple Classic


Mask Health Care


Selected Collection


Hospital Health Care


Holly Romance


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